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Even Trump Can Blow Up the World

Can the president of the United States blow up the world? It’s a dumb question to ask, but exploring the answer reveals a larger truth about the power of the American presidency. The answer should be “obviously not.” Of course no single person has such immense power and certainly that person could never be found […]

Vladimir Putin Is the Russian Reagan

I began my obsession with podcasts with Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History show. Lately though, I’ve been more interested in other podcasts, but today Carlin reminded me why he’s worth listening to. Vladimir Putin, Carlin tell us, is Russia’s Ronald Reagan. After two decades as an international punchline, after two decades of EU and NATO expansion […]

Don’t Panic

Awful stuff is happening in the world lately. For those who may be reading this years from now, gunmen murdered 12 French journalists in Paris yesterday. As images and video from the attack are endlessly replayed in the coming weeks, and pundits try and build narratives around the event, remember: That’s a promo for RetroReport […]